Creating video with a purpose - Student voice at Kingsford Smith School

At Kingsford Smith School, students are always looking for ways to express themselves and develop new skills. When the school needed a video to help them talk to the parent community about Google Apps for Education and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), they turned to the year 5 ‘Phantom’ class.

The Kingsford Smith School ICT committee gave the kids a brief: they needed a video that demonstrated the benefits of using technologies in the school and told a bit of the Google Apps for Education story. They were inspired by our Digital Schools video.

Under the guidance of their teacher Ian, the students scripted, storyboarded and produced the video. They planned interviews with teachers, students from a number of grades, and even principal Paul Branson. They took great pains to set up each shot, considering the lighting, backgrounds and sound (pretty hard in a noisy classroom!). They even did the editing, bringing together talking heads, action shots and (obviously hilarious!) reaction shots with the nodding heads. It didn’t stop there of course. The kids watched their video with critical eyes and came up with a whole lot of feedback that they will apply next time they make a movie.

The wonderful thing here is that the students were able to develop a whole lot of skills around planning, negotiation, collaboration and reflection (not to mention movie making skills), but they were also able to create a product that had a real purpose in the school.

When they played the video for parents at the school’s recent BYOD night, they were apparently wrapt. The parents loved seeing things from the kids’ perspective and it has certainly helped Kingsford Smith School kick off their BYOD journey.
They’re doing lots of great things at Kingsford Smith School. We will share more of their stories with you soon.