EdTech Team Canberra Summit Featuring Google for Education - Opening Keynote

On April 11-12, almost 300 teachers and school leaders from the ACT and interstate attended the second annual EdTech Team Canberra Summit featuring Google for Education. It was held at Gungahlin College.

We'll be posting a couple of articles about the Summit over the coming weeks. The first posts will focus on the three keynote presentations.

Hi-Def Edu - Jim Sill
We've all noticed that more and more people are creating video. And judging by what's on YouTube and what we see in some classrooms, more and more young people are engaging with video. What is it about video that captures young peoples' imagination so completely? And how can we harness the learning potential of video in our classrooms? Jim's keynote focused on this, particularly the way that video can provoke an emotional response, which is really what learning is all about.

Jim showed us part of the 'Year in Emotions' video (any more and there may have been 300 blubbering adults in the auditorium), and then this amazing GoPro compilation:
Both videos provoke some kind of a response in those that view them. Or even a number of responses. Why is that? These videos give us a glimpse into other people's lives: their triumphs, their terrors and everything in between. We share their experiences in ways that we've never been able to before. Devices like GoPro cameras make it easy to create amazing content but also take us right inside the action. Shared on YouTube, these are the moments that provoke us, make us feel, question.

How do we harness this in education?

It's in these emotional triggers that Jim made a nice connection to school and learning. He talked about how students are naturally curious, with inquiry mindsets, and that our job in education should not be to resolve their questions, but to inspire new ones. Just like these and other videos do. He challenged the educators gathered for the Summit: "What are you doing to create #FOMO in your classroom?" 

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